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Referral Program and Career Opportunities

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Additional Revenue Stream/Residual Income!!!

Attention all Trusted Advisers and Business Professionals!

If you are a Business Professional or have a book of business and consider yourself a Trusted Adviser (i.e. Insurance agent, accountant, CPA, attorney, banker, etc.), or simply just a friend of a key business owner or executive then StroudLink would like the opportunity to build a relationship with you.  We would like to help you expand your portfolio of services, create greater value to your client, and enjoy an additional residual revenue stream with very little effort.  There are no licenses, certifications, or training needed.  Just simply make the introduction and let StroudLink do the rest.  For more information contact us now by phone at 210-887-2148 or email at [email protected]. Click here to attend our upcoming PEO Workshop for FREE !

Career Opportunity:

Are you looking for an opportunity to start your own business and work from home? Tired of working for someone else and want a chance to build your own dreams? Want to tap into the power of residual income building an exciting business to business career? If you are self-motivated and excited about the opportunity to be self-employed in a rapidly growing industry with unlimited potential then this may be the perfect fit for you. Contact StroudLink to discuss this great chance of a lifetime. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Lifetime Referral Income

StroudLink is interested in working with you to build a long term referral partnership. StroudLink will provide an exciting monthly residual revenue stream for any referral that ultimately develops into a client.
Perhaps you’re an agent and from time to time frustrated with PEO services knocking you out of a business opportunity. Add StroudLink to your product portfolio to keep you in the game with even better options than the other PEO competitors. Best of all, we provide you with even greater commissions plus saving your client money and providing peace of mind.
The best part is all you have to do is make the referral and we’ll do the rest.
  •     Exciting residual income for the lifetime of the client
  •     90% retention rate
  •     No training required
  •     Giving client peace of mind
  •     Creating one stop solution for client
  •     Removing certain liabilities for client
  •     Nationwide services
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Lower Cost
Remove Liability… Providing Peace of Mind!

$$$ Referral Program

Residual Income – Sales Professionals
CPA/P&C Agents – Retain Client Base

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