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What is a Professional Employer Organization?
Professional employer organizations (PEOs) enable clients to cost-effectively outsource the management of human resources, employee benefits, payroll and workers’ compensation. PEO clients focus on their core competencies to maintain and grow their bottom line.
Businesses today need help managing increasingly complex employee related matters such as health benefits, workers’ compensation claims, payroll, payroll tax compliance, and unemployment insurance claims. They contract with a PEO to assume these responsibilities and provide expertise in human resources management. This allows the PEO client to concentrate on the operational and revenue-producing side of its operations. A PEO provides integrated services to effectively manage critical human resource responsibilities and employer risks for clients. A PEO delivers these services by establishing and maintaining an employer relationship with the employees at the client’s work-site and by contractually assuming certain employer rights, responsibilities, and risk.
The PEO relationship involves a contractual allocation and sharing of employer responsibilities between the PEO and the client. This shared employment relationship is called co-employment. As co-employers with their client companies, PEOs contractually assume substantial employer rights, responsibilities, and risk through the establishment and maintenance of an employer relationship with the workers assigned to its clients.
  •     Payroll Administration
  •     Workers Comp Insurance
  •     Retirement Health Insurance Benefits
  •     Human Resources
  •     Supplemental Insurance
  •     Flexible Spending Accounts
The PEO Industry:
Has many niches and specialties that the general business world is completely unaware of specifically, in the areas of:
  •     Payroll and its software, reporting, and IT capabilities.
  •     Workers Compensation such as risk management, and experience modification management, and safety training.
  •     Health Insurance with Captive Health Plans or individual group plans.
  •     Human Resource services such as training, efficiency, and consultation.
Just like any other industry, businesses need to be aware of certain PEO's limitations or to avoid completely. StroudLink provides
all of these services and so much more.

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