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Full Service Professional Employer Organization Brokerage Firm
About Us
StroudLink is More than just a PEO/Human Resource Outsourcing Service
We're Your Business Solution!
Bradley Stroud:
Started in the PEO
(Professional Employer
Organization) industry in
1997. Worked for three
of the top PEO firms in
the country. StroudLink
was established in 2004 after realizing a tremendous demand to help businesses find PEO services that best fit their own unique challenges.
StroudLink helps your business find the PEO/Human Resource Outsourcing Service that best fits your needs and budget. Your employee base may range from 2 to 2000 plus and from all industry backgrounds (white, gray, and blue collar).
StroudLink is an independent PEO (Professional Employer Organization) broker that positions itself on the side of the client to find the PEO/Human Resource outsourcing firm that’s best suited to the client’s needs.
Most businesses have very limited knowledge of the PEO Industry:
All PEO's are NOT the same! In fact they are very different one from the other.  PEO's have industry niches and service specialties that the general business world is completely unaware of specifically, in the areas of:
  • Payroll efficiencies, software platform, reporting capabilities, and IT capabilities.
  • Workers Compensation such as risk and safety management, premium discounts and experience modification management,  policy performance rating
  • Health Insurance plans and limitations, Captive/master policies verses individual group plans.
  • Human Resource support for training, consultation and direction.
Just like any other industry there are PEO's that have certain limitations and a few that should be avoided all together.  StroudLink can help your business avoid those critical landmines and make sure you have exactly the service you need to move to the next level.
Core Services:
  • Payroll
  • Workers Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Human Resources
  • Government Compliances
  • Safety/Risk Management
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Workers Compensation
  • Auto/Fleet Insurance
  • Umbrella Policy
Please browse the rest of our site to learn more about our capabilities, and feel free to call us at your convenience with any questions you may have.
Listen to Bradley Stroud on the the Bobby and JJ Radio Show
StroudLink has no obligation to any PEO firm and therefore is completely unbiased in determining the best PEO service for its clients.
The best part is … there is no additional charge for StroudLink services to the client.
  •     Representing PEOs - with Local,
  •     State, & Nationwide Presence
  •     Bringing the Top PEO Firms to You
  •     Lower Labor Cost
  •     Remove Certain Liabilities
  •     Maintain Good Employees
  •     Human Resource Support
  •     Peace of Mind